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Cones Rule All's Journal

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19th October 2006

randomscarsinme6:54pm: on second thought...
my entry was not finished...

i believe that we would need to set up a points system, in an older post i was reading the comments and the points just need to be perminently established. im gunna work on it. this will be exciting for me.

no one in my town understands the cone fetish <3
randomscarsinme6:49pm: i have a confession to make
my best friend and i have recently experienced an amazing change in our lives....

cones are a great thing to have. so... we went around our town... its only been 3 weeks mind you and so far we have...

please dont tell the po-9, i believe they just WOULD NOT understand...

32 cones.

im new here. but i think i will fit in... just fine <3


2nd March 2006

psychotwinkie1:06pm: is it sad that every time i pass a lonely cone on the road i physically whimper. Its so lonely out there! I want to rescue all of them! :(

p.s. my husband and my sister both think i am a nutcase :P

12th August 2005

toxic_tuna6:17pm: Hi all :) I have one traffic cone. I've had him for about a year now. His name is Joseph Augustus Gustavus Adolphus (JAGA), named by my best friend who stole him for me. I must admit that I didn't particularly have an affinity for traffic cones at first, only for their color. Traffic cone orange is, as far as I am concerned, the best color in the entire world. I'll see if I can find a picture of JAGA on my computer. Nice to know I'm not the only one in this vast universe with a cone :)

27th June 2005

psychotwinkie12:16pm: this is not a camera trick, nor was it photoshopped :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Meet my new cone. He is indeed lime green. I noticed him a few days ago when going to work, and both my husband and i fell in love with him.

He decided to kidnap one for me a few days ago...and he got it at the most perfect time...while at work, my store was robbed...so to calm me down when i finally got home, he gave me the cone...

:D it made me happy!

5th April 2005

somedude5171:55am: I have a serious cone problem. A friend of mine recently stole a cone and has taken it to heart. He has gone so far as to color it and personalize it. The problem comes when me and my friends in the dorm decide to steal it about every other day. We say that if you are going to steal a cone, it needs to be put to good use. Because he was hoarding it in his room, we felt that it was within the rules to steal his cone and play with it. We have gotten more use out of it than him. Everyone in the dorm understands that a cone is made to be stolen. What are your guy's thoughts on this issue. Are you allowed to steal a stolen cone, especially if it is not being used?

27th January 2005

_phoenixx_1:20pm: Noooooo...

The Road Cone got taken before I could rescue it...

Oh well there's more around now.


I saw one on the roof of a building in town...Legend. O_0

22nd January 2005

_phoenixx_2:10am: Okie, new Road Cone mission! There is this single Road Cone down the street from my house. God knows what it is doing there, but anyways, I intend on rescuing it sometime real soon, hopefully without getting caught because it is one of those XL sized ones [yes, Road Cones in New Zealand do have sizes on them.] and it will be pretty large and quite noticeable to carry home. Think I may grab it next Tuesday while biking home from work if it is dark yet. Trouble is there is a lot of time left before Tuesday. What if someone steals it? Or it is reposessed? One must worry about these things too.

8th January 2005

_phoenixx_4:19am: Heh this place is a little dead but oh well. Road Cones are awesome. One day I found several in an empty alleyway, so I returned after dark with my bicycle to pick one up, and it lived in my room under a blanket for 6 months cos my mother wasn't too impressed. Then we moved and the road cone came with me, of course. Later on I was out of town and was returning by train. My friend and I picked up a road cone and hid it beneath a jacket, and that's how a second road cone came home with me. Awesome-ness!

And now I have 2 road cones!

[I just hope the landlord doesn't notice...]


5th August 2004

trafficcone905:27pm: newbie
Hey! I'm new here, so I felt like posting. First, a little bit about myself. I am 14, and have collected 25 traffic cones with a friend of mine, liloboe13(lj name) I started my own community, Cone Collectors Anonymous (C.C.A.) on my other username, trafficconelove. Please take a look!
Current Mood: content

18th July 2004

psychotwinkie11:40pm: i just got my first traffic cone yesterday. I've always wanted one. When we (my husband and I) were walking back to the car in a park, i spied one. No one was around...the cone came home with me.

Hes fairly new. hardly any mud on him, and still bright and shiny. He reflects quite amazingly too :D

So Yay! Coneage!!!

6th July 2004

coveredinink12:57pm: :(
Geocities is mean.

I had a cone website for a couple of years ago -- Me and a Cone -- and without any rhyme or reason, none of my pages can be found, and I can't even get into my file manager. It's been like this for a couple of days already, and I don't think my poor itty cones are coming back. :(

I had so many photos of cones up there, and I don't know if I have back-ups of any of them. Sigh.

I just wanted to share my pain & angst with lovely souls who might give a damn.
Current Mood: sad

28th June 2004

squeekiemouse3:28pm: I saw a very much abused, battered, ripped up cone by the side of the road yesterday. I am a sad panda...I wanted to stop and care for it, but thats a bad idea on the freeway, especially because i wasnt driving.

Take care of your cones.
Current Mood: sad

10th June 2004

squeekiemouse6:56pm: Sorry im late!
So I celebrated Cone Day yesterday. Though i reconise that EVERY day is cone day, there are only a select few times (on a schedual rather than at random) that one really truely celebrates such a lovely holiday.
Now, Cone Day is not the same for everyone. It is traditionally the second day of finals (this can happen twice a year), but you're welcome to take matters into your own hands if you wish, like those of you who dont have finals. If you'd like to celebrate it that way anyway, go find someone who has finals and celebrate it then.
So anyhow, my Cone Day celebration consisted of carrying a cone around all day and exclaiming loudly to anyone who would listen "Happy Cone Day!"
: ) i took my cute little one with a spray of green paint on it that i acquired quite a bit ago. It always makes me happy. ^_^ I also intend to cone a few people relatively soon (i was unfortunatly too busy after finals to do much of that, sadly).

Happy day-late-Cone Day everyone!!!
Current Mood: happy
blaisey1:08pm: What happens if you get caught stealing a traffic cone?

Do you get fined or locked in the deepest darkest prison?

I've had loads of cones lol, the one in my back garden has been there for about a year now :)

Being a student i'm usually very drunk when I acquire them :)

17th March 2004

deep_in_pink10:29pm: i love kacnap chille rellenos are god
Current Mood: full

11th March 2004

deep_in_pink12:56pm: awesome, well, alright.
like any of you people here, we have an obession with cones, we have a grandpa coalminer-he's all torn up, been around the town-kacnap-starry and stunned-and a new one which hasn't had his name ordainded yet.
we'll let you decide for us eh?
suprisingly enough in florida, there's fucking traffic cones EVERYWHERE.
actually i am gettign possibly publishing rights to do a picture book on the cones around.

peace out.
Current Mood: cheerful

25th February 2004

lunatwilight11:15pm: Hello! What a crazy community! Heehee, well, I just got my first Road Kone (I spell it with a K for reasons unknown), and it's BRAND NEW! I put a smiley face on it and it hangs around my house. I have Road Kone parades through the house when something good happens. My first kone expierience was finding one in a closet at school...well, just read the userinfo here. Yes, my friend and I make a journal for our special kone. The picture there was found randomly on google...I thought it was funny :)

6th February 2004


you all seem like exactly the type of people who'd appreciate this new community:  obnoxiousfun


and, here's my cousin with some cones:



5th February 2004

trafficcones11:32am: also on my birthday, i came home to find my room with 19 cones in it.Collapse )
trafficcones11:24am: my friend julie made me this for my birthday a few weeks ago. =)

2nd February 2004

faststarrynight10:43am: Hey i'm Angie, i'm truly excited about this community. I'm very happy to see pics of everyone's cone collections. This is so inspiring, yay! ::sigh::

17th January 2004

ozzchik8:37pm: True Love
Check out the user icon that my friend made for me :)
Current Mood: touched

27th December 2003

alagbon12:59am: Cones!
Hi! My girlfriend got me a pet dwarf cone and a lifetime membership in the Traffic Cone Preservation Society (www.trafficcone.com) for Xmas... Traffic cones rock!
Current Mood: indescribable

21st December 2003

trafficcones1:12pm: hello, my friends. i am honored to be a part of your community.
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