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Sorry im late!

So I celebrated Cone Day yesterday. Though i reconise that EVERY day is cone day, there are only a select few times (on a schedual rather than at random) that one really truely celebrates such a lovely holiday.
Now, Cone Day is not the same for everyone. It is traditionally the second day of finals (this can happen twice a year), but you're welcome to take matters into your own hands if you wish, like those of you who dont have finals. If you'd like to celebrate it that way anyway, go find someone who has finals and celebrate it then.
So anyhow, my Cone Day celebration consisted of carrying a cone around all day and exclaiming loudly to anyone who would listen "Happy Cone Day!"
: ) i took my cute little one with a spray of green paint on it that i acquired quite a bit ago. It always makes me happy. ^_^ I also intend to cone a few people relatively soon (i was unfortunatly too busy after finals to do much of that, sadly).

Happy day-late-Cone Day everyone!!!
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